Water, pH, Acids, Bases and Buffers

Choose the best answer.

  1. A hydrogen bond would form between
  2. When H2SO4 is diluted in water, the following occurs:
    H2SO4 → 2H+ + SO4-
    Therefore, H2SO4 is an acid because...
  3. A polar molecule is one that
  4. Which of the following statements is true about water?
  5. In the following dissociation, what is a cation?
    H2SO4 → 2H+ + SO4-
  6. pH measures the concentration of _______ in a liquid.
  7. A solution with a pH of 9 has a H+ concentration of _______ and is _______ .
  8. Buffers help a solution resist pH changes by
  9. An acid has a pH
  10. A solution with a pH of _______ is more basic than a solution with a pH of _________ .