Research Opportunities

Most scientists are not allowed to work on research projects until they are in graduate school – this is like not allowing anyone to play basketball until they have first memorized and recited all the rules of the game to everyone’s satisfaction!  Why not just shoot some baskets and learn from there?

Research is the fun part about studying biology -- ask any professor!  At ACC, you can go directly into a research project in your second semester of classes.  There, you will work directly with a professor who will coach you through a project of your own choosing.  By asking questions and finding the answers in experiments that you and your faculty coach design together, you will learn first-hand how scientists get their answers to research questions.  You may pick from research topics that range from bioprospecting for medicinal products from microbes and plants, to the development of a biodiesel production system from algae.

This biotechnology course (BITC1471) is a career-builder if you are looking for what you might want to do in the life sciences, and it is a unique opportunity to directly learn how science works in the laboratory.  The best way to learn basketball is to get out on the court and shoot some hoops, and the best way to learn biology is to get into the laboratory and start asking questions. 
Offered spring semesters at RRC.  BITC1471. 

Contact Trish Phelps at or 512.223.0249 for more information.