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Associates Degree Plan - A.A.S. in Biotechnology

This program provides biotechnology experience with general education courses in the arts and sciences and is designed to prepare persons for working in medical, research and industrial laboratory areas. Students interested in this program should consult with a full-time biotechnology instructor before taking any courses.

Semester I                                                                          
+BIOL 1414        Introduction to Biotechnology I1                                                                  
+BIOL 1406        Cellular and Molecular Biology2                                             
ENGL 1301         English Composition I                                        
+MATH 1314      College Algebra                                                                        
Semester II
   BIOL 1415       Introduction to Biotechnology II                        
+ENGL 2311       Technical and Business Writing3                                             
+CHEM 1311      General Chemistry I – Lecture                                               
+CHEM 1111      General Chemistry I – Lab                                                                                
  BITC 1340         Quality Assurance for the Biosciences                  
Semester III                                                                                                                              
+BITC 2431         Cell Culture Techniques OR                                                                                    
  BITC 1491          Special Topics in Biological Technology/                                    
                           Technician: Introduction to Biomanufacturing                                                             
+CHEM 1312      General Chemistry II – Lecture                                                  
+CHEM 1112      General Chemistry II – Lab                                                      
  SPCH 1321        Business and Professional Communication                              
+BITC 2350         Bioinformatics                                                                         
Semester IV                                                                                                                                     
+BITC 2411         Biotechnology Laboratory Instrumentation                               
+BITC 2441         Molecular Biology Techniques                                              
  ECON 2301       Principles of Macroeconomics4                                                 
                           Humanities/Fine Arts5                                                             
Semester V
#BITC 2487         Internship-Biology Technician/
                              Biotechnology Laboratory Technician II   

Foot Notes
+Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions
#Capstone course
1Students should consult with full-time Biotechnology instructor before registering. May substitute BITC 1411.
2May Substitute BIOL 1408.
3May Substitute ENGL 1302.
4May substitute ANTH 2351, ECON 2302, PSYC 2301, or SOCI 1301.
5Select from Humanities/Visual and Performing Arts section of the General Education Course list.

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