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1. Biotechnology Basics
2. Application of DNA Technology

3. Biotechnology Opportunities and Concerns

4. Agricultural Biotechnology

5. Medical Biotechnology

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Biotechnology: Making the Connection

How to Pipet

How to Micropipet

How to Weigh with an Electronic Balance

How to Adjust pH with a pH Meter

How to Use Centrifuges

Preparation of the Agarose Gel

Pouring Agarose Gel

QA Industry Visual Tour

TEA Introduction to Biotechnology Project

The Texas Education Agency and Austin Community College Biotechnology Program have collaborated to offer a professional development opportunity for high school science, health science, agriculture, and STEM Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers in the state of Texas. The training includes the cutting edge in biotechnology information and discoveries, through Project Share. More details will be published when the project goes on-line. The project Share course will be required for teachers that want to teach the Advanced Biotechnology course.

We are looking at presenting at two state meetings in July and hosting a two-day basic training and three-day advanced training in June in Austin. More details will be posted as they are confirmed.


Module 1 Podcast
Biotechnology Basics
Video Audio
Module 2 Podcast
Application of DNA Technology
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Module 3 Podcast
Biotechnology Oppurtunities
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Module 4 Podcast
Agricultural Biotechnology
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Module 5 Podcast
Medical Biotechnology

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