Nicole Eversmann

Place 5: Term ends in 2022

Nicole Eversmann was elected to the Austin Community College District Board of Trustees in November 2016. She is the first ACC student to serve on the board.  Eversmann has been a student at ACC since fall of 2013. She spent many semesters as a part-time student while working full-time. She has been employed as a presenter for the ACC Honors Program, as a pharmacy technician, and as an administrator with a sales and marketing brokerage firm.

Eversmann is most proud of her work as a member of the ACC Futures Institute, a research and brainstorming team tasked with determining recommendations for if and how ACC can transition to the guided pathways model outlined in the book “Redesigning America’s Community Colleges,” written by Thomas A. Bailey, Shanna Smith Jaggars, and Davis Jenkins.

Her educational goals are to graduate from ACC, transfer to earn a bachelor's degree in economics, and eventually earn a Ph.D. in education policy. Her desire to go into public policy and work on education reform was initially driven by a goal to reverse the funding decline of career and technical education programs in high schools. Thanks to the Health Science Technology Program that she was enrolled in, Eversmann graduated from Westwood High School certified as an emergency medical technician and pharmacy technician.

Through her experience at Austin Community College and with the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, Eversmann's passion for education and her views about reform have grown significantly. During her campaign for international office with Phi Theta Kappa in April of 2015, she spoke to many students from around the world about their personal experiences of the stigma associated with attending community college. Eversmann often shared her opinion that the broader population needs to be made more aware of the great impact that community colleges already have on individuals, families, and the economy. The work Eversmann was able to take part in as a member of the Futures Institute further strengthened her understanding of the value of community colleges and inspired her to run for the board.