A-3. Service Area Responsibilities

A-3. Service Area Responsibilities

Value Statements:

  • As a regional institution of higher education, ACC will monitor regional demographics and respond, to the extent possible, to the education and workforce development needs of the communities it serves.
  • The College will encourage out-of-district residents to join it as in-district tax payers to secure the benefits of lower tuition, increased access to education and training, and more comprehensive instructional and support programs; in-district tax payers will have broader access to programs, and services, by virtue of supporting college operations through local tax support.

The College shall provide programs and services to residents of its service area, with priority given to sites within the taxing district. Local tax funds shall not be used to subsidize out-of-district activities.

All legally-eligible communities are invited to voluntarily join the College’s taxing district and gain the advantages of in-district tuition for their students and participation in election of the Board of Trustees. Except when approved by Board vote, no specific commitments of facilities or services shall be made to communities considering annexation. Any such commitments are subject to review and modification by later Boards as part of district-wide master planning.

The President shall report to the Board annually the extent and financial results of out-of-district activities, including an appropriate allocation of fixed and indirect program costs.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on June 1, 1998 and amended it on March 2, 2003 and April 4, 2005. Note: This policy was renumbered from A-5 to A-3 in August 2009 due to resequencing of board policies.