B-2. Duties and Responsibilities, Board of Trustees

B-2. Duties and Responsibilities, Board of Trustees

Value Statements:

  • The Board of Trustees recognizes its responsibility to function as a whole, and to communicate as an entity.
  • The Board recognizes its responsibility to advance the Mission of the College in the best interests of its external and internal constituencies.
  • The Board will be diligent in developing policies which guide effective usage of limited resources.

The Board of Trustees has the responsibility for formulating public policy for the operation of the Austin Community College District. It functions as the legislative and policy-making body charged with the governance and control of activities within the College District. The formulation and adoption of written policy is the basic method by which the Board exercises its leadership in the operation of the College District. The Board delegates to the President of the College the function of specifying required actions and designing the detailed arrangements under which the College will be operated. The Board maintains and supervises the College by evaluating information and recommendations concerning implementation of its policies. The general responsibilities of the Board are:

[1] To adopt and periodically review a statement of philosophy that clarifies basic educational beliefs and educational responsibilities of the College for the community.

[2] To determine the quality of presidential leadership needed to carry out the philosophy and objectives of the College.

[3] To select and appoint the President of the College, and provide a formal annual performance evaluation based primarily on the effectiveness of the implementation of Board policies. An informal feedback session will also be provided the President during each year.

[4] To establish the policies necessary for supporting operations of the College District.

[5] To maintain a current Master Plan to guide use of College resources, including site and facilities development.

[6] To provide ways and means of financial support, approve the annual budget, and review and approve expenditures as provided in College policy.

[7] To approve courses and programs of study that support community needs.

[8] To require and review appropriate administrative reports.

[9] To serve as a linkage to the community and local college tax payers on matters of policy, fiduciary responsibilities, strategic direction, and other items of public concern affecting the College District.

[10] To serve as a final adjudicating agency for students, employees, and citizens of the Austin Community College District on matters of Board policy.

[11] To bear the legal responsibility for all aspects of the operation of the College District.

[12] To choose its officers and advisors, and to plan its own activities and priorities.

[13] To develop an annual professional development plan for Board members. The Board will annually adopt a professional development plan for all trustees, with the Board Chair having the authority to approve the actual expenditures and request for reimbursements of individual trustees.

[14] To evaluate annually its own performance. This will include a formal assessment of Board strengths and weaknesses with the identification of measurable action plans, the completion of which will be monitored by the Board Chair.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on December 3, 1973 and amended it on June 27, 1988, May 1, 2000, March 4, 2003, November 3, 2003, and April 4, 2005.