C-1. General Executive Directives and Limitations

C-1. General Executive Directives and Limitations

Value Statements:

  • The Board values the distinction between policy governance and the operations of the College.
  • The Board will define parameters which ensure the ability of the President to lead the organization while operating within the values established by the governing body.

[1] The President shall cause to be taken those actions that are needed to carry out the mission of the College within the limits of Board policy and directives, and shall accordingly:

[a] cause an effective instructional program to be offered implementing the college mission;
[b] develop and maintain public plans that are adequate to guide and coordinate the development of the college;
[c] maintain a reporting and analysis system that supplies appropriate information about the scope, effectiveness, and efficiency of college operations;
[d] maintain, with appropriate consultation, administrative rules and procedures sufficient for the proper operation of the college.

[2] The President shall not permit imprudent, wasteful, or unethical practices by college employees or contractors related to their ACC work, such as any practice that:

[a] is contrary to applicable laws, regulations, or Board directives;
[b] results in the mistreatment of people;
[c] wastes the resources of the students, employees, college, community, or taxpayers;
[d] provides inaccurate or misleading information about college operations.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on April 23, 1996 and amended on May 6, 1996, and July 7, 2008.