C-3. Duties and Responsibilities, College President

C-3. Duties and Responsibilities, College President

Value Statement:

  • The Board supports the primary roles of the President to lead the College District, internally and externally, and to create the rules and processes necessary for the efficient and effective functioning of the College.

Within the framework of policies adopted by the Board, the College President exercises broad authority in carrying out the responsibilities of the position. The College President performs the following functions:


[1] Acts as executive officer for the Board of Trustees.

[2] Advises the Board on policy development and review.

[3] Prepares and submits annual Master Plan and budget recommendations to the Board; implements the College budget as approved and amended.

[4] Provides executive leadership in the development and achievement of the vision and goals of the College’s Master Plan and Student Success Initiative. Develops and approves Administrative Rules needed for effective College operations or to carry out Board policy, and reports to the Board of Trustees such rules related to Board policy.

[5] Works with Board to develop and implement local, state, and national legislative and institutional advancement strategies.

[6] Develops and sustains a high performing executive leadership team.

[7] Provides the Board with a timely flow of information regarding the College and its needs.

[8] Prepares agenda materials, with the approval of the Board officers, for board meetings and maintains a record of the proceedings.

[9] Makes recommendations to the Board for the adoption of instructional programs and other educational and community services.


[10] Ensures alignment and integration of the Master Plan and Student Success Initiative with college operations and the annual operating budget.

[11] Reviews the educational program on a continuing basis and effects changes that will improve the quality and scope of services offered, and enhance student success.

[12] Creates, organizes, and reorganizes, with 30 days prior notice, whenever practical, to the Board of Trustees for major changes to the administrative organization of the College, and manages the administrative organization of the College.

[13] Promotes and sustains a healthy institutional climate of mutual respect and high standards of performance for all faculty and staff in achieving high levels of student success across all student cohort groups.

[14] Models and sustains effective Servant-Leadership and shared governance practices which enhance achievement of the goals of the institution.

[15] Maintains the orderly functioning of the College and takes appropriate action, within the limits of Board policy, as may be necessary to prevent any interference with such orderly operation of the College.

[16] Develops succession planning to ensure continuity of college operations.


[17] Promotes an evidence-based culture of accountability which guides innovation, implementation of best practices, and continuous quality improvement of instruction and student support services.


[18] Represents the College, in cooperation with the Board and staff, to the community and develops appropriate partnerships which assist in the advancement of the College’s mission and vision.


[19] Ensures sound fiscal practices and expands the fiscal resources of the District.

[20] Ensures the accuracy of all reports required by local, state, and federal agencies.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on December 3, 1973 and amended it on February 1, 1988, February 16, 1998, May 1, 2000, August 4, 2003, July 7, 2008, and October 4, 2010.