C-4. Internal Employee Associations

C-4. Internal Employee Associations

Value Statements:

  • Achieving the institution’s mission is facilitated by the input of its faculty, staff, and students.
  • College operations are strengthened when internal constituencies and college administration collaborate on areas of concern or interest.

[1] Regular opportunities for comment to both the administration and Board of Trustees shall be provided to representatives of any employee associations that are recognized by the Board of Trustees as being based on the main categories of the College's personnel classification system, open to all employees in the relevant category without charge, governed by democratic means approved by a majority of their members, and willing to accept the legal and policy restrictions of being an internal College activity.

[2] The administration shall consult in a timely manner with representatives of such employee associations in order to receive their comments prior to taking actions that would have a substantial effect on their members, including instituting or changing administrative rules and making administrative decisions or recommendations to the Board on compensation and working-condition issues.

[3] When matters of concern to an internal employee association require a Board vote, a representative of the group shall be provided an opportunity to freely address the Board meetings at which the topic is considered. In any communication with one or more Trustees prior to such meetings, the group should strive to make any additional substantive information it supplies related to the issue made available to all Trustees and to the administration.

[4] The President shall maintain administrative rules that facilitate participation of employees in recognized internal employee associations, including the budgeting of appropriate operational support and provision of information about their associations to each new employee.

[5] Disputes about the interpretation of the bylaws of an internal employee association shall be resolved by the association without participation by the administration or Board.

[6] All employees and associations are expected to utilize the shared governance process of the College. Unless an item of concern is scheduled for board discussion prior to internal constituencies having an opportunity to confer with the administration, the expectation of the board is that internal communication channels will first be employed before addressing the board on such issues.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on March 5, 1984 and amended it on February 1, 1993, March 2, 1998, August 3, 1998, November 3, 2003, and April 4, 2005.