C-8. Naming Guidelines

C-8. Naming Guidelines

Value Statements:

  • The name of this College is Austin Community College District to highlight its regional role as reflected in its state-designated Service Area, and to recognize its historic founding within designated boundaries of Austin, Texas.
  • Naming of College property and fund-raising opportunities will be consistent with the Austin Community College District’s role as a public community college.
  • The Board of Trustees may recognize individuals, corporations, and organizations that provide significant service or philanthropic support of the College’s mission and vision.

A. Name of the College

In official publications and other official forms of identification, the College will be promoted as the Austin Community College District, its official name when founded and as recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

B. Abbreviation of College Name

The Austin Community College District historically has been referred to as “ACC” and will continue to be “ACC” to avoid confusion with other public colleges with the same acronym (Example: Alamo Community College District and Alvin Community College District).

C. Definitions:

[1] College Property.  This is property which includes, but is not limited to, buildings, conference rooms, wings, classrooms, laboratories, office areas, outdoor spaces, fountains, plazas, and campus streets.

[2] Honorary Naming of College Property.  This is a resolution approved by the Board of Trustees in order to honor an individual who has given distinguished service to the College District or has played a significant role in its history.

[3]  Philanthropic Naming of College Property.  This is a resolution approved by the Board of Trustees in recognition of substantial financial contributions and gifts to the College.  Use of funds may be recommended by the College President/CEO.  

D. Naming of College Property/Academic Program

The Board may name a facility, center, or academic program to recognize a donor for a financial contribution to the College, or to recognize distinguished leadership or service.  The President/CEO shall develop procedures for the proposal and recommendation of names to the Board.  Nominations may be received by the College President or any member of the Board.

[1] Naming of Campuses/Centers

The Board of Trustees shall approve all names of campuses and centers within the district. While campuses located within the boundaries of Austin have a variety of campus names, future campuses built in external communities generally will be named after the geographic location in which the facility is located.  (Example, ACC Elgin Campus).

Except where honorary recognition or a philanthropic gift has been given for a particular facility and has been approved by the Board of Trustees, College facilities ordinarily will be given functional names that are reasonably descriptive and identify the principal activity or purpose of the facility.

[2] Naming of College Property

Only a major gift to the College for construction or renovation of a building qualifies for naming it.  Major gifts include:  1) a gift equal to the total cost of the project, 2) a gift that follows guidelines recommended by the President/CEO to the Board, 3) a Board-approved, pre-determined gift level for naming opportunities in a fund-raising campaign or for recognition of an individual based upon distinguished leadership and/or service to the College over an extended period of time.  

[3] Naming of Facilities for Fund-Raising Purposes

The Austin Community College Foundation will follow guidelines for recognition of donors to the Austin Community College District to include naming for campus facilities. Facilities are defined as buildings, rooms, and internal and external commons areas on college campuses.

College property naming recognitions require approval of the Board of Trustees.  When naming considerations arise, the following guidelines will be followed:

[1] Facilities may be named for individuals, families, organizations, foundations, or corporations.
[2] The proposed name will be finalized before the request is approved.
[3] During the development process, the request shall be treated confidentially, and possible naming commitments will be reviewed carefully for full compliance with applicable laws and ethical principles.
[4] Prior to any donor recognition or naming ceremony, 75% of the gift must be received.
[5] Naming commitments prior to this policy will be honored.
[6] Closure or demolition of a facility or renovation of space may result in termination of the named recognition. Should this occur, an appropriate form of recognition will be provided.
[7] The name may be forfeited if actions of the contributor or named entity call into question the public respect of ACC. If these actions cause the entity to exist no longer, the Board of Trustees may remove the name from the facility or space.

[4] Naming for Public Recognition

The College administration may consider and determine appropriate recognition of individuals who have made a significant contribution to ACC. Such recognition may include a variety of means, but may not include designation of property, or any portion of a college facility in the name of an individual.  Requests to name College property, or a portion of a facility in honor of any individual, require the approval of the Board of Trustees.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on November 7, 2005 and amended it on June 4, 2007 and December 2, 2014.