D-5. Sabbatical Leave

D-5. Sabbatical Leave

Value Statement:

  • Providing faculty and staffing table employees substantial professional development activities, which stregthen their contributions to achievement of the College's mission, is a responsibility that will be embraced by the College.

Each year, the College President may, upon the recommendation of the Sabbatical Review Committee, grant sabbatical leaves to staffing-table employees, provided that employees granted such leaves:

[1] comprise no more than 2% of their employee category, and

[2] agree to return to the College for a period at least as long as the leave period, or to repay all money they were paid by the College while on leave.

After a sabbatical has been taken, uninterrupted service following that sabbatical must be at least six times the length of that sabbatical before another sabbatical can be taken.

Faculty and staff members may be granted sabbaticals of up to one year at full pay. The pay rate shall be reduced if needed to keep total compensation from all sources during the sabbatical from exceeding the employee's base ACC salary.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy April 6, 1987 and amended it on September 9, 1996, November 3, 1998, May 6, 2002, and July 7, 2008.