E-2. Provision of College Facilities

E-2. Provision of College Facilities

The President, in the context of a multi-year facilities plan updated and submitted for Board approval annually as part of the Annual Plan/Budget called for in Policy E-1, shall ensure that facilities are provided and allocated to support effective instruction, to reflect community needs and declared College priorities, and to maximize long-term economic value.


[1]   Facilities planning and allocation shall be driven by regional growth, economic considerations and responsiveness to the educational needs of students and of College employees engaged in providing services to students, who shall be consulted extensively during planning for facilities they will use. In addition to full provision for needed classrooms, laboratories, and learning resources, adequate space shall be provided for faculty offices, student activities, and administrative functions.

[2]   The facilities plan shall discuss the extent of unsatisfied demand due to facilities limitations, especially when related to programs or functions previously identified as College priorities, and any geographic demand/supply imbalances.

[3]   Facilities shall be built and maintained to give good long-term economic value. Care shall be taken to avoid practices (e.g., short-lived components, undersized classrooms) in which reduced initial construction costs are more than offset by increased operational costs. The facilities plan shall describe methods and plans to ensure that use of College space is highly efficient.

[4]   The College shall develop analyses, based mainly on data from exemplary comparable institutions, to estimate the amount, type, and distribution of facilities appropriate for current and projected enrollments, program mix, and staffing levels.

[5]   As part of the annual Institutional Effectiveness Report, the Board shall be provided an update on College facilities usage and recommended priorities for facilities development.

[6]   The administration shall provide reasonable estimates, suitable for use in economic analyses of programs, of the typical annual costs of the various types of facility space used in College operations, including both operating costs and appropriate amortization of capital costs.

[7]   College facilities development and renovation activities shall be conducted to respect other community priorities, including environmental protection in the City of Austin's desired development zone, and similar policies in other jurisdictions in which College facilities are located.

[8]   To the extent practical, the District will locate facilities in or adjacent to regional activity centers as defined by the most current Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Long Range Transportation Plan.  Further, the District will prioritize sites within mixed-use activity districts designated by the applicable local planning authority.

[9]   Capital fundraising campaigns approved by the Board and conducted by the College in conjunction with the ACC Foundation shall be for building, maintenance, or renovation of college facilities. Naming recognitions shall follow the requirements in Board Policy C-8.

The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this Policy on April 17, 1978; January 5, 1998 and replaced it with a revised policy on this topic on November 2, 1998. It was further amended on May 1, 2000; June 5, 2000; April 6, 2004; April 4, 2005; February 2, 2009; November 3, 2014; and March 7, 2016.