F-11. Conflicts of Interest

F-11. Conflicts of Interest

Value Statement:

  • ACC will have the highest standards of ethical behavior, and will establish rules and guidelines to avoid misuse of tax-supported resources and avoid personal gain through inappropriate use of College resources.

The College President shall establish and enforce rules to keep college resources from being inappropriately used for personal gain. The rules shall forbid, in addition to activities forbidden by law, at least these activities:

[1] the acceptance of significant personal gifts from College vendors.

[2] participation of authors in decisions about adoption of their textbooks by the College.

[3] employment of a person under the supervisory jurisdiction of a close relative.

[4] the provision of college business to College staffing-table employees or Trustees, or to their immediate family members. Provision of College business to firms in which such people have a substantial interest (as defined by Chapter 171 of the Texas Local Government Code) shall also be forbidden except when the President finds a compelling benefit for the College and the staffing-table employee or Trustee publicly recuses themselves from the decision.

[5] significant use of College facilities, resources, or duty time for activities for which an employee is paid by anyone other than the College, except when such activities have been approved in writing by an authorized supervisor and appropriate compensation is made to the College.

[6] acceptance of compensation for referring students to vendors.

[7] resale of materials (e.g., textbooks) provided due to an employee's role at the College.

The rules shall also establish procedures by which College officers, and other employees when designated by the President, shall report any outside employment or paid consulting work.

The President shall annually report to the Board a summary of enforcement activities associated with this policy.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on September 9, 1996. It is a consolidation of the former Policies I-10, Conflicts of Interest; III-25, Gifts from Vendors; IV-84, Private Use of College Property; VI-30, Intellectual Property; VIII-2, Standards of Conduct; and VIII-5, Nepotism. It was amended on May 1, 2000, March 31, 2003, and October 6, 2008.