F-3. Employee Recruitment

F-3. Employee Recruitment

Value Statements:

  • The quality of faculty and staff significantly impacts student success and the success of the College.
  • ACC will have strong employment outreach strategies to attract the best applicants for positions.

The College shall maintain a program of active employee recruitment that provides timely notice of employment opportunities to as broad and diverse a pool of well-qualified potential employees as feasible. To maximize faculty position applications, the College should usually make offers for faculty positions before most college faculty have been asked to commit themselves to continue at their current institutions.

The President shall provide an annual report to the Board on the nature and results of the College's recruitment efforts. This report shall identify the recruitment resources utilized, the outcome of the recruitment efforts, and identify any discipline areas in which recruitment efforts did not achieve the desired pool of applicants. The report shall summarize plans to address such deficiencies. The report shall include personnel data on the individuals hired (including gender, ethnicity, and prior experience) and an analysis of the qualified applicant pool. The report shall also include a recruitment plan by discipline, identifying resources, and a timetable for the next academic year.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on April 4, 1988 and amended it on September 9, 1996, December 4, 1999, January 10, 2000, May 6, 2002, and October 6, 2008.