F-5. Employee Placement/Advancement

F-5. Employee Placement/Advancement

Value Statements:

  • ACC recognizes that teaching experience enhances student learning, and will appropriately recognize and compensate faculty for their professional experience.
  • To ensure market competitive salaries, the compensation program will determine salaries based upon a placement system that recognizes the education and work experiences of employees.
  • As an educational institution, advanced education and lifelong learning are valued, encouraged, and supported.

[1] Faculty shall be compensated appropriate to their experience and level of education. Thus, the President shall establish rules so that:

[a] New faculty will receive one step credit for each year of relevant full-time experience, with a maximum of 10 steps awarded at initial placement.

[b] Continuing faculty will advance one step for each year of completed full-time experience.

[c] The President may set equivalence rules by which:

1. Part-time experience may contribute to initial step placement.
2. A portion of relevant work experience may be counted towards increasing the initial education-level equivalent.

[2] Non-faculty regular employees shall be placed, as shown in the staffing table, in a salary grade appropriate to their position and market-based compensation levels, and at a salary appropriate to their education and experience. Accordingly, for such employees:

[a] Initial placement credit for each full-time-equivalent year of relevant previous paid work experience above the minimum requirements for their current job shall be no less than; the minimum of the salary range and no more than the midpoint of the salary range for the appropriate grade level.

[b] Employees advance within the salary range of their salary grade based upon any Board approved annual increase.

[3] Board approval, preferably as part of the budget process, is required for changes in administrative rules on placement if they would change costs by more than $100,000/year.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on April 21, 1997 and amended it on June 2, 1997, July 5, 1999, May 1, 2000, June 5, 2000, and June 4, 2007. It replaces the old policy VIII-74 on the same subject, which had been adopted on August 24, 1977 and amended on July 31, 1978, May 17, 1982, and October 6, 2008.