F-7. Personnel Performance Evaluation

F-7. Personnel Performance Evaluation

Value Statements:

  • Achieving the College’s mission requires high-performing individuals and teams.
  • Broad-based performance evaluation processes are important tools to ensure that all employees are evaluated. These processes will also provide formal and informal ways to share satisfaction and/or to offer improvement suggestions for College personnel and services.

The College's evaluation systems shall reflect commitment to effective, efficient institutional performance and to fair, respectful treatment of employees. The President thus shall ensure that:

[1] College evaluation processes are not arbitrary or perfunctory, and evaluations are based on the expectation of a high level of performance in each area of responsibility. The primary criteria for evaluation shall be effectiveness in: [a] discharging assigned duties, [b] enabling the effectiveness of others in support of College goals, and [c] complying with College policy and rules.

[2] All individual employees are given information at least once per year about how their performance is evaluated by their supervisors, by those they serve, and (on a confidential basis) by any people they supervise. Their final performance evaluation is based on their quality of work as judged by their supervisor(s).

[3] Evaluations include assessment of the contributions to College effectiveness made through self-directed professional activities and through eliciting and supporting such activities by others.

[4] The fundamental responsibilities of faculty members as teachers and learned persons include the maintenance of professional competence, the validation of course objectives, and the demonstration of teaching effectiveness by enabling students to learn in accordance with those stated objectives.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on April 21, 1997. It replaces and generalizes the former Policy V-75, Faculty Evaluation, which was adopted on January 17, 1977 and amended on January 11, 1988 and July 2, 1990. The policy was further amended on March 1, 1999, May 1, 2000, and October 6, 2008.