F-9. Employee Benefits

F-9. Employee Benefits

Value Statement

  • Comprehensive, competitive benefits for faculty and staff is critical for attracting and retaining a quality workforce.

[1] ACC will provide a comprehensive benefits program in the interest of the welfare of each employee. The President shall be responsible for implementing a non-discriminatory benefits program in accordance with federal and state laws.

[2] For health insurance, the President shall include amounts in the annual budget necessary to fund employer contributions required by state law and the Employee Retirement System.

[3] For adjunct faculty eligible to participate in the Teacher's Retirement System, the College shall fund employer contributions for health insurance at the same rate as all of the employees working similar hours.

[4]Eligibility, coverage, use and accumulation of benefits shall be set forth in Administrative Rules established and approved by the President.

[5] Since providing education benefits to its employees is in its best interests, the College shall provide tuition vouchers for employees in accordance with the Administrative Rule approved by the President.

[6] Board approval, preferably as part of the budget process, is required for changes in administrative rules on benefits if the benefit changes would cost $100,000 or more.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on September 9, 1996 and amended it on August 4, 1997 to incorporate the policy provisions of Policy VIII-29, Sick Leave Pool, into it as part of the completion of the consolidation process. It was further amended on August 3, 1998, June 5, 2000, April 4, 2005 and June 2, 2014.