G-6. Property Taxes

G-6. Property Taxes

Value Statement

  • The College recognizes that an adequate tax base and tax rate are critical factors which impact the College’s tuition rate.

The College President, as the Chief Executive Officer, shall use the following principles in planning and budgeting for local property tax rates:

[1]   To maintain a fair balance between financial support from taxes and from tuition, the rate shall be that which makes the fraction of revenues derived from taxes approximately match the average for Texas metropolitan-area community colleges, or a lower rate as needed to stay under the level which would require a tax election or keep the annual increase from exceeding one cent per $100 (or two cents per $100 if there has been no increase in the previous two years).

[2]   The homestead exemption for the Austin Community College District could be the greater of $5000 or 1% of the assessed individual-property value.

[3]   The additional homestead exemption for elderly or disabled shall be calculated annually to maintain a goal of at least 60% of the median home value of senior or disabled taxpayers.  The annual increase shall be in $5,000 increments, not to exceed $10,000 per year.

The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on April 7, 1997 and amended it on October 4, 1999; May 2, 2005; August 6, 2007; June 4, 2012; and June 6, 2016.

Note: This policy has been re-numbered from G-7 to G-6 (due to the elimination of G-5) effective May 2, 2011.