G-9. Investments

G-9. Investments

Value Statement

  • The College recognizes that the prudent investment of public funds is an important aspect of its fiduciary responsibility to the public.

Austin Community College (ACC) shall manage the investment of and reporting on its financial assets in accordance with the Texas Public Funds Investment Act.

Note: Due to the length required to include all provisions specified by Texas law, the Board’s investment policy is contained in a separate document (PDF) entitled “Austin Community College Investment Policy”.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on July 1, 1996 and amended it on May 1, 2000, May 7, 2001, and April 4, 2005. This item was moved from E-6 to G-11 on July 9, 2007. Note: This policy was renumbered from G-11 to G-10 in August 2009 due to resequencing of board policies. This policy has been re-numbered from G-10 to G-9 (due to the elimination of G-5) effective May 2, 2011.