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F-6. Staffing

Value Statement

  • The President will propose adequate staffing resources to achieve the mission of the College.

[1] The President shall, as part of the budget process, publish a list of proposed positions giving the planned distribution of long-term positions for the year, with identification of administrative positions and of any changes from the previous year. This list shall provide information on positions but not names. Board approval for changes in this list table is required when specified by policy. The President shall provide Board members a description and justification of significant staffing-table changes prior to public announcement of them.

[2] Board approval is required to increase the annual rate of total expense for administrative positions by more than $100,000/year beyond the budgeted amount. Moreover, consultation with and prior approval by the Board is required for any increase in administrative positions at or above the level of Vice-President.

[3] Hiring of employees, placement of individual employees on pay scales, and assignment of individuals to positions shall be done by the College administration and do not require Board approval.

[4] Neither the staffing table nor appointment to a staffing table position is a contract between the College and any particular employee. Employment contracts may be issued only when specifically approved by the Board or authorized by Board policy.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on March 3, 1997. It replaced policies VIII-3, College Staffing Table, and I-81, Annual Operating Budget and Amended Budget. It was amended on May 1, 2000, June 5, 2000, March 31, 2003, and October 6, 2008.

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