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A-2. Equal Educational Opportunity

Value Statements:

  • Equity of student success across all categories of students is a hallmark goal of Austin Community College District.
  • ACC believes social justice and equity are promoted by making higher education and training available to all, on an equal basis.
  • ACC will actively seek as students those populations who traditionally have been under-represented in public higher education.

Austin Community College pledges to provide equal educational opportunity for all students and prospective students with regard to recruitment, admissions, financial aid, instructional programs, student services, and all other programs and services of the College.  Discrimination on any grounds listed in Policy F-2 (B) is forbidden.

The College shall aggressively reach out to attract all people in the community who need and can use its services.  Each employee of the College shall be informed of specific responsibilities for supporting recruitment.  The President shall report annually to the Board on:

  1. The organization and nature of ACC recruitment activities and the resources expended on them.
  2. The extent and composition of enrollment, persistence, and completion of ACC programs, in aggregate and disaggregated data analysis.
  3. Comparative costs to students of ACC and alternative local providers.

The College shall make a deliberate effort to identify categories of potential students in the community who are not being served by the College programs, or who may be underrepresented in the College student population, and shall focus recruitment activities to reduce any disparities that may exist.


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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on May 11, 1981, and amended it on November 1, 1999, May 1, 2000 and Msy 2, 2011. Note: This policy was renumbered from A-3 to A-2 in August 2009 due to resequencing of board policies. The original A-2. Intended Outcomes was combined with Policy A-1. Vision/Mission/Values Statement in February/March 2008.

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