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B-5. Policy Development and Review

Value Statements:

  • The Board of Trustees respects delineation of responsibilities for itself and for the president of the College.
  • The governing board will conscientiously develop policy to represent the best interests of the public and ensure that internal and external constituencies’ perspectives are considered.

The Board of Trustees has responsibility for formulating policy for the operation of the College. Accordingly:

[1] Division of responsibility:

The governance activities of the College shall maintain a clear distinction between:

[a] strategic, values-based policies, which are the responsibility of the Board of Trustees,

[b] administrative rules for employees to follow in implementing College policies, which are the responsibility of the President, and

[c] specific tactical decisions made in operating the various sectors of the College, which are the responsibility of various operating units, structures, or positions designated by the President.

[2] Policy development and review:

In accordance with the policy-governance model of Board operation, the Board itself will set its agenda for policy development and review, based on its analysis of the strategic needs of the College after internal and external consultation, including consideration of any areas of policy development or revision suggested by the President, employee associations, community, or students. This policy agenda shall be updated twice a year, and the Board shall conduct a comprehensive review of its policies for relevance, clarity, and appropriateness each biennium.

The Board Secretary has primary responsibility for coordination of the policy-development activities of the Board, but the Board Chair shall act, with the assistance of the President, to ensure that the policy topics identified as important by the Board are scheduled for consideration, that employee associations are notified of policy-development activities in a timely manner, and that appropriate supporting information is provided. Policy-consideration procedures shall provide each trustee opportunities to include alternative provisions in the agenda materials, with preliminary selection by Board vote of which, if any, of the competing provisions will be used as the basis for final consideration and amendment.

[3] Discussion of policy proposals:

Proposed policy changes shall be placed on the agenda for discussion at one or more Board meetings prior to that at which adoption is voted on. College legal counsel shall report on any significant legal implications of policy proposals. The President shall report on significant educational, operational, fiscal, or administrative implications of policy proposals, including feedback provided via internal shared-governance structures. Direct advice to the Board on policy is also appropriate from interested groups or individuals, including employee associations.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on June 7, 1993 and amended it on January 5, 1998, May 1, 2000, March 4, 2003, and April 4, 2005.

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