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B-6. Monitoring Policy Compliance

Value Statement:

  • Accountability for compliance with Board policy ensures that policy governance works to the benefit of the College and the multiple communities it is to serve.

The Secretary of the Board shall oversee Board-level activity in monitoring compliance with Board policies and directives. This activity, which will complement but not replace the oversight responsibility of the College President, shall be done without reference to the personal opinion of the Secretary about the value or correctness of the policies, and shall not extend to any aspect of College operations that is not covered by a current Board policy or resolution.

The College administration shall provide information and assistance in this task as requested by the Secretary, subject to an appeal by the President to the Board if any such request is felt to be unreasonable.

Other trustees who have questions or concerns about non-compliance should direct them to the Secretary, who shall pursue them at his or her discretion and shall report to the Board on any aspects of college operations found, in his or her judgment, to be non-compliant. If the Secretary does not pursue an issue to the satisfaction of a trustee, the trustee may bring the question to the Board for a vote on whether or not it should be certified as an important monitoring issue. The Secretary shall give priority to and make reports on any issues that are thus identified by Board vote.

The President (or Board Chair, for Board activities) shall, for each non-compliance report from the Secretary, provide the Board either a compliance plan, a recommendation for policy modification, or an explanation of why the practice in question is seen as already being in compliance. If the Secretary thereafter states in writing that he or she continues to believe that the practice does not comply with Board policy, the question must be put on the Board agenda as soon as practicable for Board decision. If the Board finds that the practice is not in compliance, it will require the President to achieve compliance.

Each fall, the President shall also provide the Board an annual schedule of planned routine and special-attention policy-compliance reports.

Non-compliance reports by the Secretary are only advisory; authoritative Board directives to change college practices can come only from a public Board vote.

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The Austin Community College Board of Trustees adopted this policy on July 1, 1996 and amended it on June 1, 1998, May 1, 2000, May 6, 2002, and March 4, 2003.

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