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ACC Marketplace

The ACC Marketplace is an e-commerce system that allows college departments to sell official college products or services online.  Marketplace accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discovery credit cards.  Payments are also accepted by debit card or electronic check (ACH) directly from personal bank accounts (checking or savings).  The promotion or sale of non college goods or services is prohibited.

How it Works

An ACC department will set up and operate an online storefront in the MarketPlace. Web expertise is not required. The department’s “uStore” accepts payments for products, services, events, or conference registrations. Funds from these payments or purchases are posted to the revenue account associated with the uStore.

The ACC MarketPlace complies with the purchasing card Industry standards and features a familiar shopping cart theme that allows students, parents, alumni and the community to browse and buy online. It is operated by TouchNet, a leading provider of commerce management software for colleges and universities.

Setting Up a uStore

A department wanting to set up a uStore must obtain approval from their vice president and submit a request form to  The request goes through the MarketPlace Committee, which is composed of representatives from Business Services, Public Information and College Marketing, Information Technology and Internal Audit. The committee reviews the request to ensure it complies with college policies and procedures (


The timeframe for launching a uStore depends on the complexity of the project, successful completion of testing, time of school year, and urgency. See the uStore Request Process chart below for more information.

Standard Practices

Customer delivery and service

Department staff operating within the ACC MarketPlace must observe standard practices such as:

  • Prompt and correct fulfillment of orders;
  • Prompt notification to the customer regarding any problems or delays with the order; and
  • Management of the customer relationship in a professional manner.

Returns, Exchanges, Refunds and Disputes

The uStore must publish on its uStore website approved policies regarding returns, exchanges, refunds, and disputes. The uStore manager must approve any returns, exchanges, refunds or disputes. In the case of refunds/disputes, the uStore manager also must send an email notification to the cashier manager for processing. Refunds will be issued back to the same pay method used for the original purchase. Payments by ACH may be rejected if sufficient funds are not available or if incorrect account information is entered. Refunds by ACH or check will be processed after final verification by the bank, as a check to the address on file with the College. Refunds for credit card payments will appear on the cardholders' monthly statement.  The College is not responsible for interest charged to the credit card during processing. The email notification must include:

  • Customer’s name;
  • Last four digits of the credit card number;
  • Amount disputed;
  • Total amount of the charge;
  • Original date of the charge; and
  • Date of the refund/dispute and the reason.



The Cashier Office staff reconciles all transactions processed through the uStore, with transactions posted to the bank and to the college ERP. If there are discrepancies, the Cashier Office contacts the uStore manager for assistance in resolving errors.


Approved Products

Official college goods and services only are eligible for sale in the ACC MarketPlace. The promotion or sale of non‐college goods or services is prohibited.

Compliance and Audit

The Internal Audit Department, MarketPlace Committee, and Business Services audits each uStore periodically to ensure compliance with college policies and procedures and to verify that appropriate standard practices are being followed. Non-compliance will result in the uStore site being taken offline.

Request Process for Departments

The following chart outlines the process for requesting an ACC MarketPlace uStore. For more information, email MarketPlace





Complete the uStore request form. (uStore Request Form) The request must be approved by your vice president . Email to

uStore manager


The cashier manager and MarketPlace Committee review the request. If approved, the uStore manager receives a setup form (uStore Request Form) and a meeting is arranged to discuss setup.

Cashier manager

MarketPlace Committee


Complete uStore setup form. Email to

uStore manager


Meeting held to discuss store setup guidelines, responsibilities, and requirements.

Cashier manager
uStore manager


Set up uStore in MarketPlace’s web-test environment. Create a login in test.

Cashier manager


Add products to test site.

uStore manager


Test, test, test.

uStore manager


Send an email notification to when testing is completed and uStore is ready to go live in production.

uStore manager


Set up uStore in MarketPlace’s production environment. Create a login in production.

Cashier manager


Add products to uStore in production.

uStore manager


Send an email notification to when products are entered.

uStore manager


The cashier manager and MarketPlace Committee review the uStore request. If approved, the uStore manager receives email notification and training is scheduled for all staff who will operate the uStore.

Cashier manager

MarketPlace Committee


The uStore goes online when training is completed.

Cashier manager