Youth Programs

The Austin Community College District (ACC) has numerous initiatives to support area schools and community organizations in their efforts to foster a culture in which higher education is an expectation. We believe that all Austin area youth should have the academic foundation they need to be successful.

This issue reaches beyond the individual to encompass the future of Central Texas. A well-educated, highly skilled workforce is essential to growing new jobs, generating increased personal income and creating a better quality of life for all Texans. Now more than ever, Texas’ economic vitality depends on an educated and dynamic workforce.

Currently in its 17th year of operations, the mission of ACC Youth Programs is provide under-served youth challenging and engaging educational activities that increases their academic achievement and develops a college-going culture. Through summer programming and follow-ups workshops, the goal is to engage youth and their parents to foster college and career aspirations improve their success in getting to, and through college.

ACC Youth Programs offers a variety of summer programming to underserved Austin area elementary school, middle school and high school students. The summer curriculum focuses on Mathematics, Science, Technology and health sciences.