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Faculty and Staff - Frequently Asked Questions and Important Links

Frequently Asked Questions and Important Links

I am in a supervisory position. Where can I find information about the Budget, Curriculum, Faculty, Instruction, and Scheduling?

The ACC web site provides a Dashboard of Quick Links for Supervisors at

Here you will find everything from the Master Plan to a telephone directory.

Where can I find information on College policy?

ACC policies can be found under the Administrative Rules section of the ACC web site.

It is the beginning of the semester and I need information about...

At the beginning of each semester, the campus administrative office provides general information to faculty such as the academic calendar, support services (faculty and student) and other campus-specific resources. The new semester faculty information packets can be found here.


When does the Board of Trustees meet?

Information on the ACC Board of Trustees can be found on their main page and policies can be found here.


Is the ACC catalog online? If so, where can I find it?

You can find the ACC catalog online at the following web site.


Isn’t there one page I can see all of the links to the College?

The Faculty and Staff page gives links on news, references and resources to almost every main page within the College.


How many holidays do we receive at ACC?

The ACC employee handbook can be found here.


Where can I get statistical information about ACC?

The ACC Factbook has data and statistics that includes credit degrees and certificates awarded, student headcount, semester credit hours, contact hours, faculty, staffing table personnel, and facilities information.


Is there a chart that lists who serves in which department?

Information on the organizational reference charts can be found here.


Where is the online ACC Phone directory?

You can find the ACC Phone directories online at the following web site.

Where can I find information on faculty/staff development opportunities and faculty/staff evaluations?

The Office of Professional Development can be found at
Here you will find links to professional development opportunities, annual events, support services and many other resources. Click here professional development FAQ to see a list of frequestly asked questions on professional development.

The Faculty and Staff Evaluation main page can be located at Here you can get information on calendars and report dates, procedures, forms and checklists and other resources.

Where can I find the most current schedule of classes?

Current course schedules can most easily located on the ACC main home page.

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