Northridge Campus

Northridge Campus

About the Campus

Set on 35 acres that border North Austin’s beautiful Walnut Creek Greenbelt, Austin Community College’s Northridge Campus has served Central Texas students since 1989. Today, 7,500 student pursue their education at the Northridge Campus.


In addition to a broad range of academic transfer programs, the campus is home to numerous business, creative digital, design, and high-tech programs including Accounting, Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design, Business, Government, and Technical Communications, Music Business, Performance and Technology, Computer Information Technology, Environmental Science and Technology, Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics, and Radio-Television-Film.


Northridge Campus provides a full range of student support and services including advising and counseling, student life, and financial aid. The campus also features library facilities and media services, computer centers, and a learning lab with free tutoring.


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Campus Features

Fitness center Health and Kinesiology holds classes in fencing, weight-training, martial arts and more in the campus fitness center.
Music A fully equipped studio gives Music Business, Performance and Technology students a hands-on education in every phase of the music industry.
Digital creative Dark rooms, sound stages, and state-of-the-art editing bays bring RTF, photography, and digital art education into focus.

Campus Resources

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Campus Brochure