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Child Development Department
3401 Webberville Rd.
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Faculty Forms

F I E L D   W O R K   R E L A T E D    H A N D O U T S

Letter to Director

Lab and Field Work Agreement & Confidentiality Form

     Required to be completed by students in each class.

Confirmation of Field Placement

Student Affidavit Information

Making Sense of the Handouts


F I E L D   W O R K    R E L A T E D    P O L I C I E S

Procedure for Assisting Students to Improve Lab


Child Development Department's Eligibility for Field Experiences and Lab Work Policy




S Y L L A B I    P O L I C I E S    A N D    C H E C K L I S T

These are SAMPLE statements that must be incorporated into each faculty member's indivual syllabus.

Syllabus Course Policies
Child Development Department Syllabus Checklist
NAEYC Standards in Child Development Courses:
Statement about standards in courses on syllabus
Standards Emphasized in Specific Courses
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