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Child Development Department
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Teacher TRAC & Director TRAC
Teacher TRAC Project
(Teacher Training, Retention, and Compensation)

Teacher TRAC builds partnerships between ACC, our funders, child care centers, and child care center employees.  Various funders including the City of Austin, Travis County, WorkSource Child Care Solutions, Child Inc. have provided funding for child care professionals living and or working in the City of Austin or Travis County to receive:

  • scholarships for courses,
  • textbooks for courses you take,
  • the support of the Teacher TRAC mentor to help you enroll and stay in school, and
  • a $75 bonus from Teacher TRAC at the completion of the first course; after the first course, a bonus of $100 after every 12 hours of college credit in a Child Development degree plan, or when a CDA is awarded.

 Information and applications are mailed out to licensed child care facilities as well as registered family homes.  If you would like more information on the program or an application, you can contact Kristi Norton or Amanda Hernandez at 512-223-5204/email at

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