Name: Lyn Colangelo

Informative Speech Assignment #2: The Keyword Outline


     I.        Do you have cats?

A.  How many?

B.  Wait for hands: Me several.

   II.        Husband/I show Maine Coons. Power point Visual of Pancho in my arms

  III.        Maine Coons: largest pedigreed cat

A.  Fascinating history

B.  Physical characteristics d/t harsh conditions.

C.  Social personality

Transition: Let’s start with history


     I.        Interesting stories about its origin.

A.  According to the FAQs page on the Maine Coon Cat Breeders website, “A wide-spread (though biologically impossible) belief is that it originated from matings between semi-wild, domestic cats and raccoons. This myth, bolstered by the bushy tail and the most common coloring (a raccoon-like brown tabby) led to the adoption of the name 'Maine Coon.”

B.  Myth: Wild bobcats-domestic mating.

C.  Current theory: Cats jumped ship.

D.  Oldest natural breed in North America.

E.  Native of Maine; official cat.

Transition: Know origins, now characteristics


   II.        Physical characteristic: harsh New England conditions

A.  According to the book, “Maine Coon Cats: A complete Pet Owner’s Manual” authored by Carol Himsel Daly, D.V.M. “There is something very special about this breed.   They’re very practical.  Maine Coon cats are fur-bearing packages of New England spirit.  They are as sensible as a good warm coat and boots.  In fact, it is my opinion that if L.L. Bean sold cats, they’d sell Maine Coon cats.”

B.  Size: tall, long, rectangles.

C.  Weight: Adult, neutered 20-25#.

1.   Females average 9-16 pounds.

2.   Males average 12-18 pounds.

D.  Coat: Long, shaggy, lays close.  Show Power Point Visual of physical traits on cat

E.  Tail: Bushy snug scarf

F.   Paws: Tufted “Snow-shoes”

G.  Ears: Large; tufts; “lynx tips”

H.  Muzzle: Long, square

Transition: Understand physical characteristics, now personality


  III.        Unique personality.

A.  According to the article “Maine Attraction” published in Cat Fancy Magazine, “Often called “Gentle Giants,” Maine Coons are known to accept people and activities easy-going grace.  Affectionate and social, they love to be near their owners, play fetch and can be taught to stroll on a leash.” Power point Visual of Pancho on leash

B.  Intelligent, playful, cuddly, tolerates dogs.

C.  Personality is the hook.

1.   “Dog lover’s cat”: Companionable temperament.

2.   Want to be involved. Show Power Point Visual of Christmas cat

Transition: In conclusion


     I.        Maine Coon cats: “Gentle Giants”

A.  History full of myths

B.  Personality of a dog.

   II.        Heard myth of 30# cat?

A.  It’s not a myth.

B.  Real photo of 30-pounder! Show Power Point Visual of red male in woman’s arms

C.  Largest documented Maine Coon in World! Show Power Point Visual of brown male held over woman’s head


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