Dance Courses

Ballet I (DANC 1141)

An introduction to the fundamentals of classical ballet designed for the student with little or no training. Primary emphasis on placement and alignment of the body, turnout, stretches, barre work, simple adagio and allegro movements, brief history and French terminology, as well as other preparatory work necessary for the establishment of a basic technical foundation. May be repeated for one additional credit with instructor’ approval.

Ballet II (DANC 1142)

A continued study of the technical fundamentals of classical ballet. Designed for the student with at least one semester of previous ballet training. Primary emphasis is placed on sequence combinations of beginning ballet movements, positions of the body, vertical posture, centering coordination of port de bras with adagio and allegro movements and continuation of French terminology. PREREQUISITES: DANC 1141 or consent of instructor.

Jazz Dance I (DANC 1147)

A beginning level dance course. This class starts with a mixed warm–up involving the basics of pilates, yoga, ballet and jazz dance. Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of jazz and ballet techniques. The styles explored in this course change throughout the semester moving from Lyrical to Hip Hop and Latin Flare to a ballet based jazz. May be repeated for one additional credit with instructor’ approval.

Jazz Dance II (DANC 1148)

A high–energy dance class that begins with a mixed warm–up involving pilates, yoga, ballet and jazz dance. This course is designed for those individuals that have had prior dance training and are prepared for a challenge. Emphasis is placed on improving the students’ technical training by incorporating elements from jazz, ballet and modern dance techniques. The styles explored in this course change throughout the semester moving from Lyrical to Hip Hop and Latin Flare to a ballet based jazz. PREREQUISITES: DANC 1147 or consent of instructor.

Dance Composition (DANC 1201)

The continuation of the Practicum/Principles of Choreography course. Students will integrate the information and experience from the previous course into a more developed choreographic vision and style. Emphasis will be placed on the student defining his or her own unique approach to dance making. A final project will be performed in the Choreographers’ Showcase at the end of the semester. PREREQUISITES: DANC 1212.

Practicum/Principles of Choreography (DANC 1212)

An introduction to dance composition. Students will learn and execute the fundamentals of choreography. This beginning level choreography course will introduce students to both the exploration of the choreographic process and the basic tools used in choreography. Students will learn through improvisations, assignments, class discussions, and the completion of a final dance piece that will be performed for an audience in the Choreographers’ Showcase production produced at the end of each semester by the Dance Department. May be repeated once for credit. PREREQUISITES: DANC 2245 or consent of instructor.

Modern Dance I (DANC 1245)

This course introduces the student to the fundamental concepts of modern dance technique encouraging the student to look at the physical and anatomical principles that operate in our bodies as we move and dance. The primary goal is to safely prepare and inform the body through the execution of dance exercises and movement phrases that will assist in developing and improving the student’s awareness of alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination and musicality. Additionally, the class incorporates elements of yoga and pilates reflecting a more holistic approach to dance training. May be repeated for one additional credit with instructor’s approval.

Modern Dance II (DANC 1246)

This course is designed for those students that want to continue their exploration and development of modern dance training and also for those student that already have a foundation or previous dance training experience. Emphasis is placed on improving efficiency, articulation and expressiveness of the student’s dance skills. The student will be introduced to more advanced movement exercises and dance phrases and will be challenged to pay closer attention to expressive details and movement nuances. PREREQUISITES: DANC 1245 or consent of instructor.

Dance Performance Workshop (DANC 1251)

The class follows a dance company format and provides students with an opportunity to participate in the process of creating and performing a dance work. In this class the student will learn and rehearse a dance that will be set by a faculty member. The final dance piece will be performed in the Choreographers’ Showcase at the end of the semester.

Dance Improvisation I (DANC 2245)

Allows students of dance to explore their creative potential through movement. Students are guided through conditioning and strengthening exercises, and are given information on correct body alignment and breathing techniques in order to better understand and utilize their bodies expressively. Like painters who use paint and an easel, dancers use their bodies as tools to express themselves. In dance Improvisation students learn to make creative choices spontaneously as individuals and in groups. Students also explore elements of choreography such as space, time, shape, energy and structure. May be repeated for one additional credit with instructor’s approval.

Dance Improvisation II (DANC 2146)

A continuation of the study of Improvisation technique. Students practice and refine their skills through a series of group improvisations. The students work to develop a deeper sense of the elements of dance performance and choreography. Time and attention is placed on the student acquiring a more refined individual movement vocabulary and style. PREREQUISITES: DANCE 1245 or consent of instructor.

Academic Cooperative (DANC 2289)

Instructional program designed to integrate on–campus study with practical hands– work experience. In conjunction with class seminars, the individual student will set specific goals and objectives in the study of dance. PREREQUISITES: DANC 2245, DANC 1251, and DANC 1212 or consent of Department Chair.

History and Appreciation of Dance (DANC 2303)

A survey course in the history of dance, with an emphasis on Western Theatrical Dance. The majority of the course will be spent studying major periods and figures in the development of Western Theatrical Dance, specifically Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance. Students will also look at dance as an expression of human culture, and be asked to analyze key developments in dance as they relate to social, political and historical change.

Anatomy for Dancers (DANC 2325)

An introduction to the interdependent elements of human anatomy, with emphasis on the musculoskeletal system and principles of movement. Designed to provide knowledge of the function of the human body as a means to facilitate the technical details of physical movements used in the art of dancing. This course has two main components: note–taking during lectures and participation in movement exercises that correspond to the lectures. Over the course of the semester students analyze the bones and muscles that support and move the body. They learn how to stretch and strengthen key muscle groups and apply this knowledge to improve dance technique thus helping the dancer move more intelligently and more efficiently.