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Area of Study: Arts, Digital Media, and Communications
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Arts, Digital Media, and Communications
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Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics

Learn. Work. Play. Succeed.

This program is all about training students for the local and national job market in game development, animation, and motion graphics. The degree and certificate paths are designed and taught by the area’s top digital industry professionals. You’ll learn to create and animate 2D and 3D characters, compose and animate designed video elements, build immersive worlds, and design interactive games.

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Job Titles & Career Information

Video Game Designers
41.55 Hourly Wage 1899 Currently Employed
Design core features of video games. Specify innovative game and role-play mechanics, story lines, and character biographies. Create and maintain design documentation. Guide and collaborate with production staff to produce games as designed.
1899 Video Game Designers are employed. This number is expected to increase by 7.06 % over the next four years.
Austin Community College MSA Map

Data analysis of traditional and real-time labor market information (LMI) provided in collaboration with Emsi (Economic Modeling Specialists International), a CareerBuilder company.

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Program Map

View the program maps below to see the sequence of courses needed to complete your chosen degree or certificate in this program.

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Awards in this Program

Associate of Applied Science

Game Development- 2D Animation Specialization
Game Development- 3D Animation Specialization
Game Development- Game Art Specialization
Game Development- Game Design Specialization
Game Development- Motion Graphics Specialization

Certificate Level 2

2D Animation Certificate Game Development
3D Animation Certificate Game Development
Game Art Certificate Game Development
Game Design Certificate Game Development
Motion Graphics Certificate Game Development

Certificate Level 4

Technical Art ATC Game Development
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Which Award Path is Right for You?

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ACC offers a variety of degree and certificate options to get you ready for the next step in your academic and career journey. Choosing the right award path is an important first step to reach your goals.

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