General Education Requirements

General education satisfies career/technical requirements

You need at least 15 general education credits to earn an Associate of Applied Science. Certificates require fewer general education credits, if any.

General Education Requirements
For the Associate of Applied Science and certificates
ComponentRequired CreditsSelection Choices
Written Communication 3 Unless specified in your degree plan, take English 1301 or English 2311
Oral Communication  3 Unless specified in your degree plan, take Speech 1311, 1315, 1318, or 1321
Natural Sciences or Mathematics 3 Unless specified in you degree plan, select a Math course from the Core Curriculum Course List or a Life & Physical Sciences course from the Core Curriculum Course List.
Social and Behavioral Sciences 3 Select from American History, Government/Political Science, or Social & Behavioral Sciences areas of the Core Curriculum Course List
Humanities/Visual & Performing Arts 3 Select from the Language, Philosophy, and Culture and Creative Arts  areas of the Core Curriculum Course List