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Core Curriculum: Questions & Answers

What are the benefits of completing the core curriculum?

There are good reasons to complete the core curriculum at ACC before you transfer.

  • It saves you money. A 3-credit class at ACC costs far less than the same course at a public or private four-year university. Compare costs.
  • It saves you time. With locations throughout the area and online classes, you can complete ACC classes near your home or workplace. Day, evening, weekend, and online schedules make it easy to find time to earn college credit.
  • It’s guaranteed to transfer. You can transfer the entire core curriculum to any public college or university in Texas. (Contact your future institution to ensure your core curriculum classes will also fulfill the requirements for your specific degree.)
  • It shows educational attainment. Achieving this goal can build your self-esteem, résumé, and job-seeking abilities on your way to a college degree. With only six or seven more classes beyond the core curriculum, you can earn an associate degree!

What does “guaranteed transfer” mean?

Students who complete the core curriculum with at least a 2.0 GPA can transfer these credits to any Texas public college or university. You will not need to take additional core classes unless your future institution has an expanded, state-approved core curriculum. Check with your future institution if you are unsure.

Does it matter if I complete the whole core curriculum?

If you do not complete the core curriculum at ACC, you may have to take additional core classes at your future institution.

If I don’t complete the whole core curriculum, will classes transfer ?

Yes, individual core curriculum classes transfer. However, if your future institution does not offer an equivalent course, the ACC course may transfer as elective credit only.

How many additional classes do I need to earn an associate degree?

You can earn an Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Teaching, or an Associate of Science degree by taking approximately 18 credits beyond the core curriculum. View Catalog for more information.

Will my transcript reflect my core status?

Your transcript indicates "core complete" when you complete ACC's core curriculum.

Can I take any course for the required 42 credits?

No. The core curriculum is divided into nine subject areas to guide you to appropriate courses. You must select approved courses from each subject area.

Which colleges and universities will accept my ACC core curriculum?

All Texas public colleges and universities must accept a completed ACC core curriculum block. However, while all core curriculum classes are transferrable as credit, they may not satisfy particular degree requirements. Contact your future institution to ensure your core curriculum classes will apply to your degree plan there.

Does it matter what grade I get on my core curriculum courses?

Yes! Most universities DO NOT accept a grade of D in transfer to fulfill core curriculum requirements. Guaranteed transfer applies to core courses completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher.

What about Texas private or out-of-state  institutions?

Texas private and out-of-state institutions are not required to accept a completed ACC core curriculum block. Check with the out-of-state or Texas private institution you plan to attend to find out how they accept courses in transfer.

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