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Using ACC Library Databases

The ACC Library subscribes to almost 100 databases. These are resources that are on the Internet but are limited to paid subscribers. In general they provide more consistently reliable and focused information than typical Web searching using Google or Yahoo! Also, many of the articles in these databases already include Works Cited entries.

To access these, you can start at the ACC Library homepage.

You will have an easier time if you go directly to the list of databases at this link:

A to Z List of E-Resources

If you are off campus, you must log in with your ACC eID and password, which is the same as you use to log in to Blackboard.

In the following listings, an abstract is a brief description of the complete article. Do not take your report information from the abstracts. The abstracts of the articles may be inaccurate or written by a different author. Take your information from the full text of the article.

Databases Useful for All Subject Areas

-- Full text of articles from over 4600 journals and magazines, plus citations and abstracts to an additional 3600. Backfiles go back as far as 1975.
Topics: Almost anything. Strong on academic topics, with inclusion of many peer-reviewed journals.
  • Part of EBSCO collection of databases, so it can be searched simultaneously with others in that collection.
  • Articles may be printed, saved, or E-mailed.

-- Full text of articles from yesterday back to 1989.
Topics: Local and state issues.
  • Articles from syndicated writers, comics, ads not included.

ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA -- In addition to the complete text of the encyclopedia, there are many additional features, such as an atlas, country profiles, quotations, links to classic texts, and more.

GALE VIRTUAL REFERENCE LIBRARY -- Excellent collection of over 150 reference sources from Gale publishing that can be searched as a group or individually. Many indepth subject encyclopedias are included.
Topics: Wide ranging
  • Articles can be printed, saved, or E-mailed.

INFOTRAC NEWSPAPERS and NEWSPAPER SOURCE -- lnfotrac Newspapers has the full text from dozens of papers, including some English language foreign ones. Newspaper Source has cover-to-cover text from 20 major papers, including the Washington Post and London Times, plus selected text from 230 regional papers.
  • Articles can be printed, saved, or E-mailed.

OXFORD REFERENCE ONLINE -- Over 100 reference works from Oxford University Press. These can be searched as a whole, by general subject, or individually.
Topics: Wide ranging
  • Many of the sources are dictionaries, so information may be brief.

STUDENT RESEARCH CENTER and ELIBRARY -- Both of these are notable for the range of media they search: magazines, newspapers, maps, TV and radio transcripts, reference sources, primary sources, and more. Aimed at high school students mainly but useful for all.
Topics: Anything
  • Specific media can be searched, for example, only transcripts.
  • Reading levels are given and can be used as a search criterion, so material appropriate for developmental students can be found more easily.
  • Results can be printed, saved, or E-mailed.

TEXAS REFERENCE CENTER -- Full text from over 1700 magazines, 500 reference works, and
thousands of biographies and primary documents.
Topics: Local and regional, history
  • Articles can be printed, saved, or E-mailed.
If you need help with these databases, contact the reference librarian at an ACC library. Phone numbers are listed on the library Web site.

Thanks to Red Wassenich, ACC Library.

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