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Dual Credit Staff

All Dual Credit Specialists work one-on-one with school districts, charter schools, private schools, and home-schooling programs to implement partnerships that promote dual credit opportunities for students within the ACC service area.

Office location:
Highland Business Center, 5th Floor
5930 Middle Fiskville Road
Austin, TX 78752-4390

Contact information:
Phone: 512.223.7066
Fax: 512.223.7068
E-mail: dual@austincc.edu
Internet : www.austincc.edu/dual

Dual Credit Specialists:

Davelyn Forrest,
Career Development & Dual Credit (512) 223-7057, dforrest@austincc.edu

Jason Sanchez, Dual Credit Specialist, (512) 223-7064, jsanche1@austincc.edu

Natalie Almanza, Dual Credit Specialist, (512) 262-6561, natalia.almanza@austincc.edu

Katharine Bennett, Dual Credit Specialist, (512) 223-7058, kbennet1@austincc.edu

Veronica Castillo, Dual Credit Specialist, (512) 223-7061, vcastill@austincc.edu

Dual Credit Support Staff:

Eva Ruiz, Admin. Asst./Dual Credit Test Coordinator, (512) 223-7063, evaruiz@austincc.edu
Angela Gosc, Admin. Asst., (512) 223-7066, agoscyou@austincc.edu
Tanya Riddick, Admin. Asst., (512) 223-7066, triddick@austincc.edu

Mison Zuniga, Director

Dual Credit
(512) 223-7063