Early College Start
On-Campus ECS Services for Your Students

Your ECS specialist is here to help! We want to make sure that the ECS process is seamless. We will work closely with you to ensure that your students have access to ACC services on your campus. Below are the primary services that we offer.

Information sessions

  • We will set-up a time with you to conduct a Parent and/or Student Information Session.


  • After you have filtered out the students who do not need college readiness testing, we will work with you to schedule TSI Assessment testing on your high schoolcampus. Our skilled test proctors will administer the test at a designated time and location on your campus.


  • An ECS specialist will schedule dates to meet with students in a Group Advising format. Prior to conducting the group advising session(s) with your ECS students, the Specialist will coordinate a date with you to collect and review submitted student paperwork, ensure that they meet the college readiness requirements, and sign-off on their ECS form.