Early College Start

Congratulations!!!! You have made it this far and you have one last step, Payment.

Tuition and fees are waived for Early College Start students who reside in the ACC tax district.

Books, supplies, and parking fees are the responsibility of the student and can be approximately $100 per course. Please see Textbooks & Parking for more information.

Early College Start students residing outside the ACC tax district are charged a $75 per-course fee (for any course(s) not held on their high school campus).

Early College Start students residing outside of the ACC Service Area will be assessed regular tuition and fees (per State of Texas law).

Your balance will be displayed on the screen once you have completed online registration. If you are required to make a payment, please do so by the Payment Deadline to avoid being dropped from your classes. Being dropped from classes for non-payment is NOT college error.

For more information about taking more than two classes, please see the Student FAQ.