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Emergency Communication Systems

There are many components to the ACC Emergency Alert system. Depending on the level of emergency or threat, some or all of the components will be used to help you stay informed.

Email, Voicemail, and Text Messaging

ACC Emergency Alert can distribute critical information to you quickly during an emergency, wherever you are located, by sending alerts to your cellphone through text messaging, voice, and your ACCmail account. Verify or update your information today. See tutorial.

Emergency Message Boards and PA Speakers

Emergency message boards in campus classrooms and hallways provide messages in the event of an emergency. Many also are equipped with speakers to broadcast the same message.

Other PA Speakers

ACC Police cars and some campus fire system panels also have public-address capabilities.

ACC Website and Emergency Webpage

The college posts emergency information on its homepage and emergency webpage. You can look here for information on emergency alerts, college closures, or other cancellations.

Facebook and Twitter

ACC uses Facebook and Twitter to share emergency alerts and updates.

Help Desk Information Line

The Help Desk can communicate the emergency messages. Call 512-223-INFO (4636) or 512-223-HELP (4357).


Emergency messages can be distributed to the screens of College IP phones.

Emergency telephones are located at each campus in the event IP phones are not working. These "red phones" use traditional analog technology and can be used for outgoing and incoming calls. When using these phones to report an emergency dial 512-223-7999.

CampusOfficeRoom #Phone #
CYP Campus Manager 2102 512-996-9185
  Campus Police 2101.1 512-996-0997
EGN Campus Manager 1105 512-285-3660
  Campus Police 1114 512-285-3663
EVC Campus Manager 3106 512-928-0004
  Campus Police 2103 512-929-4053
HYS Campus Manager 1132.01 512-268-2392
  Campus Police 1102.03 512-268-1545
HLC Campus Manager 2306 512-374-0442
  Campus Police 1416 and 2338 512-374-0374
HBC Campus Manager 508.2 512-323-0390
  Campus Police 112 512-323-0367
NRG Campus Manager 1208 512-833-8310
  Campus Police 1103 512-833-9165
PIN Campus Manager 1018 512-394-1452
  Campus Police 112 512-394-1751
RGC Campus Manager 205 512-482-8952
  Campus Police 102 512-482-8904
RRC Campus Manager 1103.03 512-246-7174
  Campus Police 1133 512-341-0433
RVS Campus Manager 2208 512-386-8289
  Campus Police 2238 512-386-8273
SAC Campus Manager 1140 512-912-8719
  Campus Police 1102 512-912-8741
SVC EHS Executive Director 172 512-928-5679
  Emergency Mgmt Coordinator 186 512-928-5679

Channel 19

Emergency messages can be scrolled across the bottom of the screen on Channel 19

Campus Monitors

Emergency messages can be posted on campus monitors.

Local Media

The college works with local media outlets to keep the community informed, particularly in the event of weather-related closures.

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