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Minimum Credential Qualification Requirements

The College is committed to meeting or exceeding the minimum Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) guidelines for faculty credentials. The following table lists the minimum credential qualifications for a faculty position at ACC in each discipline.

Catalog Year or semesterFaculty Qualifications Table
2017-2018 (Fall) PDF; revised 9/25/17
2016-2017 PDF; revised 1/4/17
2015-2016 PDF; revised 6/1/16
2014-2015 PDF; revised 06/15
2013-2014 PDF
2012-2013 PDF
2010-2011 PDF
2009-2010 PDF
2008-2009 PDF
2007-2008 PDF
2006-2007 PDF
2005-2006 PDF
2004-2005 PDF
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