Biology 1406 (015)
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Section 39773
Fall 2006

Instructor: David Froehlich
Office: NRG 2215
Office hours: MW 1:15-3:00, T/Th 9:00-2:50, F 10-3 by appt.
Telephone: Office: 223-4894, Home: 833-6845 (NO calls after 10:00 PM)
Fax: 223-4641
Email: Alternate:
Web Page:
Lecture T, Th 2:50-4:05, NRG 4146, Lab T 4:15-6:55, NRG 2226
Biology (7th edition: Campbell and Reece)
Laboratory Text: Laboratory Manual for 1406, 12th Ed. (brown cover available only in ACC bookstores)

Course Introduction: General Biology course designed for science majors and students with a strong science background who desire an in-depth approach to biological topics. An introduction to the physical and chemical organization of living organisms; cell structure, function, and metabolism; classical and molecular genetics; gene regulation; genetic engineering; molecular aspects of development; and reproduction. BIOL 1406 and 1408 may not both be counted towards graduation.

Prerequisites: One year of high school chemistry or one semester of college chemistry; two years of high school algebra or MATD 0390, reading and writing proficiency. Students who lack the prerequisites will be dropped from the course.

Required Texts and Materials:

Instructional Methodology: This course is taught in the classroom as a lecture/lab combination

Course Objectives: The formal common course objectives for this class can be found at These list the material that all students are responsible for. Additional material will be presented in this class as appropriate.

General Policies

Grading Policy: Grades will be based on class exams (4, the last will be comprehensive but with an emphasis on material covered since the third test), lab practicals (2), prelab homework (11), lab results and analysis/conclusions (11), lab notebook, and participation. The lecture exams will consist of a mix of definition/identification, fill in the blank, multiple choice, and essay/long answer questions with the majority of the test based on the essay/long answer portion. These tests will be administered in the testing center at NRG and must be completed by their respective deadlines. The lab practicals will emphasize laboratory techniques and procedures and will be administered during lab time on week 9 and week 16. Each lab or portion (with the exception of lab 10) has an introduction and a series of problems that will be completed in a typewritten format and submitted on the Tuesday before the lab is scheduled. Each lab or portion also has a results and analysis/conclusions section that will be submitted in a typewritten form one week after completion of the lab. A lab notebook will be kept and notes for each lab will be recorded. This notebook will be checked by me after each lab and graded during the two practicals.


First three Exams



Final Exam



Lab Practical Exams



Lab Homework/Notebook/ Class Participation and Clean up




Grade Scale