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Course Descriptions


Austin Community College offers English classes for students whose native language is not English. These classes will help students improve their English so that they can be more successful in college, at work, and in the community. Classes are offered from beginning to advanced levels. A placement exam is required before registration so the student will be studying at the correct level.



One, two, or three courses: You decide what is best for you:

Reading and Vocabulary Courses

These courses will help students improve their reading skills and vocabulary knowledge. Students will work with simplified English reading at the first levels and progress to more complex, academic reading at the advanced levels.

  Academic Registration # Continuing Education #
Reading & Vocabulary 1
ESOL 0360 COMX 3060
Reading & Vocabulary 2
ESOL 0361 COMG 3023
Reading & Vocabulary 3
ESOL 0362 COMG 3002
Reading & Vocabulary 4
ESOL 0363 COMG 3040
Reading & Vocabulary 5
ESOL 0364 COMG 3060




Oral Communication Courses

These courses will help students improve their listening, speaking and pronunciation skills. Students will work with conversational English at the beginning levels and progress to advanced conversation skills and academic English at the higher levels.

  Academic Registration # Continuing Education #
Oral Communication 1
ESOL 0340 COMX 3040
Oral Communication 2
ESOL 0341 COMG 3020
Oral Communication 3
ESOL 0342 COMG 3000
Oral Communication 4
ESOL 0343 COMG 3041
Oral Communication 5
ESOL 0344 COMG 3062




Writing and Grammar Courses


These courses will help students improve their writing skills and learn correct English grammar. They will work with sentences at the first level and progress to work with paragraphs and essays at the advanced levels.

  Academic Registration # Continuing Education #
Writing & Grammar 1
ESOL 0380 COMX 3080
Writing & Grammar 2
ESOL 0381 COMG 3021
Writing & Grammar 3
ESOL 0382 COMG 3001
Writing & Grammar 4
ESOL 0383 COMG 3042
Writing & Grammar 5
ESOL 0384 COMG 3063



Additional Courses


• American English Pronunciation: Advanced

• Intensive Grammar for Speakers of other Languages

• Business Communications for Non-Native Speakers

• Research Writing for College and the Workplace for ESOL Students

** These courses are not available every semester.**

Length of study

Some people learn English very quickly, but most require more time. Progress depends on the time students study and practice. In general, each course requires six to nine hours of study outside of class per week. ACC also offers free tutoring services at each campus.

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