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There are two ways to enroll in ESOL classes.

Which is right for you?

Academic Credit

Students who register for ESOL classes for Academic Credit typically take our ESOL courses in preparation for college courses at ACC or other colleges and universities. Academic Credit courses require the following:

  1. A minimum of High School or GED completion. If you completed High School outside the United States, you must provide translated transcripts to ACC.

  2. Meet the residency requirements for ACC —

  3. Meet the application requirements for ACC —

  4. Elligible students may apply for Financial Aid when enrolled in Academic Credit ESOL classes.



$300 per course (In-district Resident)

$912 per course (Out-of-district Resident)

$1,134 per course (Out-of-state / International Student)


Please note that Austin Community College is not authorized by USCIS to provide I-20 visas for intensive English language study. For more information, please contact the International Student Office.





Continuing Education (Non-Credit)

Students who register for ESOL Continuing Education (Non-Credit) classes take our courses for a variety of reasons such as, work, school, test prep etc.
Continuing Education classes are the same classes as the Academic Credit classes except students do not receive college credit.

  1. No transcripts are required.

  2. There is no residency requirement.

  3. Fill out an application in the Continuing Education office on the 4th floor at Highland Business Center.

  4. Continuing Education classes are not approved for Financial Aid.


$249.00 per course


Note: Continuing Education students have the option to start with Non-Credit classes and transfer to Academic Credit when they qualify.