Basis for Planning

Presidential Priorities

Student Access

  • Affordable and accessible entry for all central Texas residents Sustainable Early College Start program Successful Early College High Schools

Student Success & Equity

  • Aligned and scalable Adult Basic Education delivery
  • Accelerated Adult Basic Education and Developmental Education
  • Fully on-line degree programs
  • Well defined pathways and services to support completion of credentials
  • Competency-based and modularized instruction
  • Experiential Learning experiences for students (Internships/Service Learning)
  • Transfer/Reverse Transfer/Articulation & Data Exchange agreements
  • Clustered degree programs to build synergy

Institutional Excellence

  • Evidence-based Decision making (dashboards, success metrics and predictive analysis)
  • Skilled and caring faculty and staff
  • Effective, efficient, and ethical use of institutional resources

Community Partnerships and Service

  • Timely responsiveness to business & industry training needs (short-term training programs/stackable credentials/inverted degree programs)
  • Collaboration with community organizations and institutions to identify mutual objectives and to leverage resources (public/private and public/public partnerships)

The Academic Master Plan of Austin Community College supports the mission statement and the college-wide goals and initiatives promoting student success. All academic unit master plan components will focus on the five goals of the Student Success Initiative that were part of the colleges Achieving the Dream project. These five goals, revised in 2012 from the original seven, and part of Board Policy A1 are the following:

SSI goals

  • Goal 1. Increase Persistence (Term to Term & Fall to Fall)
  • Goal 2. Complete Developmental and Adult Education course progression to credit courses.
  • Goal 3. Increase Completion of All Attempted Courses with a "C" or Better.
  • Goal 4. Increase Degree/Certificate Graduates and Transfer Rates.
  • Goal 5. Increase success equity across all racial/ethnic/gender/income groups.