ACC Organizational Reference, 2014-2015

Message from the President

The online  ACC Organizational Reference is a resource TOOL which helps faculty and staff understand operations of Austin Community College - I encourage you to bookmark this resource so that you can easily access it when routine questions arise. This can save you time, and help promote organizational efficiencies.

ACC is a huge, complex organization and our operations are compounded by our large geographic Service Area, multiple campuses and centers, and faculty and staff who are addressing important responsibilities. Good communication is essential within the organization, and all of us bear the responsibility to make information as easily accessible as possible, and to be aware of the general information resources which exist to help us in serving students and the public.

If there are things which you find would enhance the usefullness of the online ACC Organizational Reference, please take time to share your ideas with me, and have a great year.

Richard M. Rhodes, Ph.D.
Highland Business Center, 5th Floor, (512) 223-7598