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Academic & Campus Affairs Council


  1. Make recommendations regarding district-wide policies, administrative rules and procedures.
  2. Reviews all relevant administrative rules in accordance with Administrative Rule 3.03.011.
  3. Review and evaluate research data to evaluate progress in meeting institutional goals. 
  4. Responds to recommendations from Committees/Task Forces which report to the Council.
  5. Communicates interests and concerns of staff and constituency groups to the appropriate entity.

Recommendations: Forwarded to the college President.

FY15 Meetings: First Friday of the month, HBC Room 502, 10am-12noon on the following dates: October 3, November 7, February 6, March 6, April 3, June 5 and July 10.

Meeting agendas and minutes

If the information you are looking for is not available at the above website or if you have other questions about the ACAC, please contact JoAnn Nuñez.

Chair (appointed by the President):
Mike Midgley, VP, Instruction, 223-7579,

Co-Chair (elected by the Council members):
Gary Hampton, Dean, Applied Technologies, Multimedia, and Public Service, 223-6076,


NOTICE: Based on recommendation of the Shared Governance Review Council, employee organization changes to committees and councils will occur in September. Changes in appointments will be posted at the end of September (unless otherwise noted).

PositionNameAppointed byCampusPhoneEmail ID
Ex Officio Members
(serve by virtue of the position held)
VP, Instruction Mike Midgley Ex Officio HBC 3-7579 midgley
VP, Student Services Virginia Fraire Ex Officio HBC 3-7056 vfraire
AVP, College Access Programs Stephanie Hawley Ex Officio HBC 3-7637 shawley
AVP, Information Technology Stan Gunn Ex Officio SVC 3-1200 sgunn
VP, Effectiveness & Accountability Soon Merz Ex Officio HBC 3-7035 smerz
AVP, Instructional Resources & Technology TBA Ex Officio HBC 3-7792 TBA
AVP, Student Success Richard Armenta Ex Officio HBC 3-7795 rarmenta
Dean, Applied Technologies, Multimedia, and Public Service Gary Hampton Ex Officio RVS 3-6076 ghampton
Dean, Arts & Humanities Lyman Grant Ex Officio RGC 3-3352 lgrant
Interim Dean, Business Studies Reed Peoples Ex Officio PIN 3-8124 rpeoples
Dean, Communications Hazel Ward Ex Officio EVC 3-5015 hazlew
Dean, Computer Studies and Advanced Technologies Linda Smarzik Ex Officio NRG 3-7579 lsmarzik
Interim Executive Dean, Health Sciences Pat Recek Ex Officio EVC 3-5766 patr
Dean, Math & Sciences David Fonken Ex Officio NRG 3-4606 fonken
Dean, Social Behavioral Sciences Gaye Lynn Scott Ex Officio RGC 3-3770 gls
Executive Dean, Continuing Education Hector Aguilar Ex Officio HBC 3-7663 aguilar
Dean, Library Services Julie Todaro Ex Officio RGC 3-3071 jtodaro
Executive Director, Adult Education David Borden Ex Officio HBC 3-7799 dborden
AVP, Academic Planning, Development & Evaluation Mary Harris Ex Officio HBC 3-7705 mharris3
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices
(1-year terms)
Campus Dean of Student Services Rachel Ruiz VP, Student Services RVS 3-6019 rachel.ruiz
Campus Manager Bel Smith EVP, College Operations NRG 3-4702 bsmith
Representatives of ACC Constituencies
(1-year terms)
Full-time Faculty Senate, AC Mariano Diaz-Miranda Association Pres. RVS 3-6363 marianod
Full-time Faculty Senate, WF Gale Spear Association Pres. EVC 3-5209 gales
Full-time Faculty Senate, Library Services/Counseling Roxanne Royalty Association Pres. HLC 3-7334 rroyalty
Full-time Faculty Senate, AC Juan Molina Association Pres. NRG 3-4825 jcmolina
Full-time Faculty Senate, AC Linnea Fletcher Association Pres. EVC 3-5912 linneaf
Adjunct Faculty Association Mario Aguilar Association Pres. RGC 512-494-1916 maguilar
Adjunct Faculty Association Matthew Pappas Association Pres. TBA TBA mpappas
Adjunct Faculty Association Greg Moses Association Pres. TBA 3-1790x25910 lmoses
Association of Professional-Technical Employees Stephen Bassett Association Pres. EVC 3-5853 sbassett
Association of Professional-Technical Employees Lauren Sebel Association Pres. HBC 3-7343 lsebel
Classified Employees Association Sandie Smith Association Pres. SAC 3-9323 sleavell
Student Government Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Student Government Association TBA Association Pres. TBA 3-3137 TBA
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