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Bookstore Committee


  1. Regularly reviews bookstore operations and makes recommendations for continuous quality improvements
  2. Recommends procedures and/or administrative rules related to ordering course texts and materials.
  3. Responds to requests and recommendations from Department Chairs.
  4. Provides linkages between individuals who have some responsibility for selecting textbooks or placing textbook orders and the Bookstore.
  5. Publicizes Department Chairs decisions regarding texts and course materials via web pages.

Recommendations: Forwarded to the Academic and Campus Affairs Council.

Meetings FY16: Generally meets once a year: TBA

Minutes and agendas: go to and click on "Meetings"

If you have any questions about this committee, please contact Vic Smith

Chair (appointed by the President):
Position Vacant/TBA, AVP Instructional Resources & Technology, 223-7792.

Co-Chair: Herb Coleman, Director Instructional Computing & Technology, 223-7746


NOTICE: Based on recommendation of the Shared Governance Review Council, employee organization changes to committees and councils will occur in September. Changes in appointments will be posted at the end of September (unless otherwise noted).

PositionNameAppointed byCampusPhoneEmail ID
Ex Officio Members 
(serve by virtue of the position held)
AVP Instructional Resources & Technology TBA Ex Officio HBC 3-7792 TBA
Director Instructional Computing & Technology Herb Coleman Ex Offcio HBC 3-7746 hcoleman
EVP, Finance & Administration Ben Ferrell Ex Officio SVC 3-1099 bferrell
General Manager, ACC Bookstores Jeanette Lien Ex Officio HBC 476-1921 TM523
Instructional Support Services Representative Dianne Olla Ex Officio HBC 3-7647 ollad
Instructional Support Services Representative Sara Petty Ex Officio HBC 3-7096 spetty
Instructional Support Services Representative Georgia Branch Ex Officio HBC 3-7091 gbranch
Business Services Representative Stephanie Benetti Ex Officio HBC 3-7089 sbenetti
Special Populations Representative Steve Christopher Ex Officio RVS 3-6273 schris
Campus Manager Judy Van Cleve Ex Officio RRC 3-0002 judyvc
Distance Learning Representative Clark Peterson Ex Officio PIN 3-8070 cpeterson
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices 
(1-year terms)
Administrative Assistant Vacant Dept. Chair RGC 3-3320 TBA
Administrative Assistant Sharon Smith Dept. Chair SAC 3-9321 ssmith6
Administrative Assistant Debra Peterson Dept. Chair NRG 3-770 peterson
Department Chair Anne-Marie Schlender Academic Dean RGC 3-3349 aschlend
Department Chair Duane Crowley Academic Dean RGC 3-3266 dcrowley
Department Chair Richard Espinosa Academic Dean EVC 3-5911 respinos
Continuing Education Representative Sharon Pierce Executive Dean, Continuing Ed HBC 3-7694 sellings
Representatives of ACC Constituencies 
(1-year terms)
Full-Time Faculty Senate Mark Butland Association Pres. HLC 3-7434 butland
Full-Time Faculty Senate Duane Crowley Association Pres. RGC 3-3266 dcrowley
Adjunct Faculty Association Richard Rees Association Pres. TBA TBA rrees
Association of Professional-Technical Employees Hoda Tavakoli Association Pres. RRC 3-0207 htavakoli
Classified Employees Association Charlene Washington Association Pres. EVC 3-5175 cwash
Student Government Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Student Government Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Student Government Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Student Government Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
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