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Distance Learning Committee


  1. Develops and recommends standards of good practice for distance learning courses.
  2. Assists in the evaluation of distance learning activities and recommends changes to improve activities and outcomes.
  3. Reviews and recommends support services provided to distance learning faculty and students.
  4. Recommends development of new courses, certificates, and degrees to be delivered by distance learning.
  5. Advises staff on the need for faculty development and resources needed to develop and implement distance learning courses.

Recommendations: Forwarded to the Academic and Campus Affairs Council.

FY15 Meeting Dates: Generally meets twice a year: Friday, October 10, 2014 @ 9:30 am HLC 1422; Friday, February 13, 2015 @ 1:30 pm (room tba)

Agendas & Minutes 
If you have any questions about this committee, please contact Vic Smith , 223-7667.

Chair (appointed by the President):
Position Vacant/TBA, AVP Instructional Resources & Technology, 223-7792

Faculty Co-Chair: (nominated by the committee) To be announced.


NOTICE: Based on recommendation of the Shared Governance Review Council, employee organization changes to committees and councils will occur in September. Changes in appointments will be posted at the end of September (unless otherwise noted).

PositionNameAppointed byCampusPhoneEmail ID
Ex Officio Members 
(serve by virtue of the position held)
Interim Director, Distance Learning Susan Thomason Ex Officio HBC 3-7796 sthomaso
Director, Virtual College of Texas Gary Abernethy Ex Offcio PIN 3-8030 gary.abernethy
Director, Instructional Development Services Susan Thomason Ex Officio HBC 3-7796 sthomaso
Support Services Coordinator, Distance Learning Clark Peterson Ex Officio PIN 3-8070 cpeterso
Specialist, Distance Learning Design Amy Setter Ex Officio PIN 3-8226 amy.setter
Library Services, Distance Learning Liaison Ashley Carr Ex Officio NRG 3-4869 acarr
Counselor, Distance Learning Carol Townsend Ex Officio PIN 3-8187 townsend
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices
(1-year terms)
Workforce CE Coordinator Nancy Laudenslager Director, Workforce Development Center HBC 3-7693 nlaudens
Instructional Design Specialist Michelle Escudier Director, Instructional Development Services RVS 3-6308 michelle.escudier
Senior Computer Lab Support Technician Helen Dailey Director, Student Learning Services HYS 262-6578 hdailey
Dean, Student Services Voncille Wright VP, Student Services RGC 3-3217 vwright
Instructional Dean To be assigned VP, Instruction TBA TBA TBA
Representatives of ACC Constituencies
(1-year terms)
Full-Time Faculty Senate Ashley Carr Association Pres. NRG 3-4869 acarr
Full-Time Faculty Senate Maria Cisneros-Solís Association Pres. RGC 3-3388 mcisnero
Full-Time Faculty Senate Azzurria Crispino Association Pres. NRG 3-4039 acrispin
Full-Time Faculty Senate Carolyn De Cordova Association Pres. RRC 3-0326 carolyn.decordova
Full-Time Faculty Senate Lisa Gelineau Association Pres. RGC 3-3205 lgelinea
Full-Time Faculty Senate Kathleen Park Association Pres. RRC 3-0251 kpark
Full-Time Faculty Senate Mary Parker Association Pres. NRG 3-4846 mparker
Full-Time Faculty Senate Donna Pauler Association Pres. NRG 3-4300 pauler
Full-Time Faculty Senate Carole Pierce Association Pres. NRG 3-4764 capierce
Full-Time Faculty Senate Al Purcell Association Pres. RGC 3-3398 apurcell
Full-Time Faculty Senate Nick Sarantakes Association Pres. RGC 3-3271 sarantak
Full-Time Faculty Senate Carol Townsend Association Pres. PIN 3-8187 townsend
Full-Time Faculty Senate Zoe VanSandt Association Pres. SAC 3-9213 vansandt
Adjunct Faculty Association Don Morris
Association Pres. EVC 3-1790
Adjunct Faculty Association Marla Dean Association Pres. RRC 3-1790
Professional-Technical Association Dr. Joann Kroll Association Pres. HBC 3-7893 joann.kroll
Classified Employees Association Neelam Noorani Association Pres. HBC 3-7786 nnoorani
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