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Campus Facilities Operations Committee


  1. Assist in developing, reviewing, and prioritizing renewal and preventive maintenance plans.
  2. Assist in developing and evaluating processes that support in-house maintenance / construction projects.
  3. Review existing, and make recommendations for new Administrative Rules and procedures regarding
  4.  Identify and address current and potential facilities matters related to campus operations.
  5. campus facilities operations.
  6. Develop communication strategies to keep constituencies apprised of the status of campus facilities operations projects.
  7. Make recommendations informing facilities master planning initiatives to enhance efficiencies in campus facilities operations

Recommendations: Forwarded to Administrative Services Council.

Agenda and Minutes

FY16 Meeting Dates: To be announced.

Additional Information: Not availbable at this time. 
Questions?  Please contact Neil Vickers, 223-1078.

Interim Chair
(appointed by ASC Chair): Neil Vickers, VP, Finance & Budget
Co-chair (appointed by CFOC Chair): Marilyn Lee Taylor, Campus Manager 


NOTICE: Based on recommendation of the Shared Governance Review Council, employee organization changes to committees and councils will occur in September. Changes in appointments will be posted at the end of September (unless otherwise noted).

Full-time Faculty Senate

PositionNameAppointed byCampusPhoneEmail ID
Ex Officio Members 
(serve by virtue of the position held)
AVP, Finance & Budget Neil Vickers Ex Officio SVC 3-1078 nvickers
Information Technology, AVP Stan Gunn Ex Officio SVC 3-1200 sgunn
Financial Assistance, Director Terry Bazan Ex Officio HBC 3-7950 tbazan
VP, Instruction Mike Midgley Ex Officio HBC 3-7579 midgley
Facilities & Construction, Exec. Dir. William Mullane Ex Officio SVC 3-1024 wmullane
Buildings & Grounds, Director Dean Johnson Ex Officio SVC 3-1011 djohnso6
Environmental Health & Safety, Director Becky Cole Ex Officio SVC 3-1015 rcole
Instructional Resources & Technology, AVP Position Vacant/TBA Ex Officio HBC 3-7795 TBA
Campus Manager Linda Haywood Ex Officio CYP 3-2002 lhaywood
Campus Manager Juanita Mendez Ex Officio EVC 3-5105 jmendez
Campus Manager Bel Smith Ex Officio NRG 3-4703 bsmith
Campus Manager David Tucker Ex Officio PIN 3-8103 dtucker2
Campus Manager Marilyn Lee-Taylor Ex Officio RGC 3-3003 mlee
Campus Manager Judy Van Cleve Ex Officio RRC 3-0002 judyvc
Campus Manager Frank Taylor Ex Officio RVS 3-6025 taylorf
Campus Manager Betsy Erwin Ex Officio SAC 3-9100 berwin
Campus Manager Linda Morrison Ex Officio HBC 3-7723 lindam
Representatives of ACC Constituencies
(1-year terms)
Full-time Faculty Senate TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Adjunct Faculty Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Professional-Technical Employees Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Classified Employees Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Classified Employees Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Student Government Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
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